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Automatic Doors Repairs, Maintenance and Installation in Hampshire


We install, repair and maintain all types of Automatic Doors in the Hampshire area. These include automatic sliding doors, swing doors, telescopic doors, bi-fold or revolving doors.

Using automatic doors optimises people flow, improves accessibility, increases safety and reduces the energy consumption in the buildings where they are installed.

Our clients with automatic doors in Hampshire operate in different sectors, but we look after them all with the same dedicated care. Our customers typically include; office buildings, schools and colleges, leisure and sports facilities, healthcare, GP surgeries and hospitals, retail stores, architects, construction companies, building contractors and local government.

As an independent door automation company, we offer a choice of automatic door solutions from many different door operator manufacturers, including but not limited too: Record, Geze, Tormax, DormaKaba etc.

We are install all types of automatic doors for the leading door manufacturing brands and we also sell and install directly to our own clients. However we don’t just install automatic doors, we are specialists in repairing and maintaining them.


ACE also supply, install and service access control systems, in most cases that are controlling the automatic doors that we service and maintain.

In addition, we also supply, install and maintain other entrance solutions including: Turnstiles, Speed Gates and Access Control in Hampshire or the South East.

We work alongside our customers to establish their specific requirements and the type of automatic door system that they need in Hampshire. These for example could be automatic sliding doors, swing doors, telescopic doors, bi-fold or revolving doors.
We are a highly experienced company for installing and/or maintaining all these types.

Our team will visit any premises in Hampshire to survey, then advise and offer an automatic door solution that is suitable for the application.

Automatic doors serve different or multiple linked purposes in the environments that they are installed within, so it is very important to understand each application.

Some of the most common reasons for automatic doors being installed are:

  • Accessibility– automatic doors that only open when activated and automatically close afterwards so to eliminate the doors being left open. They are a good solution for access into and around buildings. Automatic doors helps with mobility and ensure compliance to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations because they provide a means of opening and closing doors without the need for physical effort.
  • Security– when automatic doors are linked to access control or another electronic security system, they secure that point of entry and/or exit.
  • Energy Saving– automatic doors contribute to energy saving. They effectively reduce annual heating and cooling costs by preventing the conditioned air inside from escaping and outside air and dust from entering.

By having an automatic door system fitted, you will be dramatically improving the energy efficiency of your property in Hampshire as they control the airflow at an entrance area more effectively than other door systems.


ACE FM Automatic Door Repair and Service team vans

Automatic Doors Installed by ACE Facilities

ACE Facilities have many years of experience and expertise that will ensure that your automatic doors will be planned and installed correctly, on-time and on budget by professionals.

All automatic doors from ACE Facilities are manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of BS EN16005 safety regulations, CE marked and are installed by qualified and experienced engineers.

It is our reputation in Hampshire that has ensured that our name has been passed on as the go-to company to speak to for automatic door systems, installations and maintenance.

Automatic Doors – Repair, Servicing and Maintenance in Hampshire

If you do already have automatic doors fitted within your property in Hampshire, you may be looking for a company to attend to repair, service or maintain them. With many years’ experience and a healthy stock of spare parts, we are that company.

To get your automatic doors repaired, serviced or maintained, please get in contact with us and we would be delighted to help.

We may not have installed your doors, but we are the automatic door repair company near you that can repair or fit them. Whatever the problem you are experiencing with your automatic doors in Hampshire we can sort it out, it could be that they may just need a service.

We are often contacted when an automatic door is faulty. After we have attended and repaired it, clients are normally so impressed that we are asked to service and maintain the door (or doors) thereafter.

We believe that customer service is most important and we strive to make ours exceptional. We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and workmanship with all of our automatic door installations, servicing and maintenance within Hampshire and beyond.

We hold stock of door operators and the associated required parts for different brands of automatic doors. It is by keeping these stock levels that we are able to confidently maintain the high level of unrivalled customer service that we do for our clients.

As the automatic door specialists covering the Hampshire area, contact us to repair or maintain your doors to the highest standard.

Likewise if you are considering having any type of sliding or swing operated automatic door installed in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent or London, please get in contact with us.