Swing Doors

We are independent automatic door repair specialists, resellers and approved installers for a range of swing doors, operators and manufacturers.

If you need your automatic swing doors repaired efficiently and cost effectively, or you are looking to have doors automated, servicing or replacement, please phone us on the number above or if you prefer email us, use our contact form

Swing Door Operators by ACE

Record DFA 127 Automatic Door Operator single door
Tormax 1201 swing door operator
Tormax iMotion® 1401 heavy duty swing door operators
Record C90 Underfloor Drive
C127 Underfloor Door Operators that automatically open doors

Door and Access Automation Solutions

Low energy automatic swing doors are the most popular choice for door automation, and for meeting DDA requirements, they are the most cost effective way of achieving a disability friendly door.

Designed to provide improved access and independence for wheelchair users that would otherwise be restricted a low energy automatic swing door operator is operated by using push button and can also be used as a normal manual door.

The push pads buttons have the recognised disability symbols and we install them at a suitable height for wheelchair users.

Where existing doors are being fitted with swing operators, we install a suitable finger guard to the hinged side of the door as recommended in BS7036.

Swing door operators are particularly effective for slow moving traffic like wheelchairs, the disabled and the elderly. 

We have several retrofit solutions that can be fitted to your existing doors, therefore negating the need to replace the doors.

ACE Facilities have for many years been providers of people flow automation solutions. From many different door automations to speed gates and turnstiles, we are specialists in identifying, supplying and installing the access control to help and control people flow in buildings and facilities.

Swing doors and pass doors are a highly efficient and secure method of access control. They are easy to operate and integrate into a building’s overall security plan and they help to ensure smooth and safe people flow.

We have solutions that are designed to fit any building or facility scenario whether it is for security, safety, both or for other reasons, we will have the people flow solution.