Turnstiles are a reliable access control solution for pedestrian flow, ensuring only authorised users are allowed access to specific areas.

We are authorised resellers and approved installers of the TiSO range of Speed Gates and Turnstiles. The following links to our Turnstile product pages will tell you more about each of them.

Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile with a compact foot print
ONYX Pedestrian Turnstile with LED Lighting
The Bicyclone full height turnstiles allow dismounted cyclists and their cycles to pass through a security gate.
Galaxy turnstiles proving an effective pedestrian access control barrier
Twix-M turnstiles provide an effective pedestrian access control barrier
Twin Full Height Turnstiles transparent
Full Height Turnstile Sesame Standard models
Bastion-M Twin turnstiles proving an effective double lane pedestrian access control solution where space is a premium
Bastion-M turnstiles provide effective pedestrian access control in a tripod type barrier
Centurion M Twin (black other RAL available upon request)
Centurion-M Tripod Turnstile transparantTiSO UK
GlassGO Full Height Turnstile Featured

People Flow Automation Solutions

ACE Facilities have for many years been providers of people flow automation solutions. From many different door automations to speed gates and turnstiles, we are specialists in identifying, supplying and installing the access control to help and control people flow in buildings and facilities.

Speed Gates and Speed Lanes are a highly efficient and secure method of access control. They are easy to operate and integrate into a building’s overall security plan and they help to ensure smooth and safe people flow.

We have solutions that are designed to fit any building or facility scenario whether it is for security, safety, both or for other reasons, we will have the people flow solution.