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Installation, Repairs and Servicing of Industrial Doors

Sectional Industrial Shutter Door

We have an excellent reputation for supplying, integrating and installing high quality industrial doors and commercial access solutions. However, if you already have an industrial door but you need it repairing, our team of ACE engineers will be able to help you with that too.

Finding the right industrial door company in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and the across London and South East is essential when it comes to protecting your property from unlawful intrusion.

Ineffective access shutters or industrial doors can also make your workplace less efficient and have a serious impact on your daily productivity.

Here at ACE Facilities, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality, efficient shutters and industrial doors, designed to offer a range of benefits from energy efficiency to security.

When we install, all of our industrial door products are made-to-measure, ensuring that they fit your access point perfectly. As we deliver bespoke industrial doors to our clients, you’ll be able to choose a style which offers the most benefits to your industrial property.

Whether you’re having issues with heat loss, or you’re struggling with a limited clearance space, our team can provide the perfect model for your needs.

Although our teams do travel further, we predominantly have a focus for our industrial doors in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London.

Servicing and Repairs For Industrial Doors

ACE Facilities are able to help. We often repair industrial doors where other companies have said it was impossible.

As an independent independent industrial door specialist company, we offer the installation, repair and maintenance for a wide range of commercial doors from many different manufacturers.

Whether your property’s access points have suffered due to accidental or forced intrusion or just general wear and tear, our team are here for you. ACE Facilities’ experienced team can deliver a range of repairs and annual servicing to protect your doors and shutters. No matter what kind of damage your property has suffered, our team are here to help.

Our experienced team can also provide annual servicing for properties across the South East. We can regularly check and maintain your industrial doors in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent or London to prevent wear and tear from damaging your system. We will help you to avoid potential problems which can be extremely costly to repair further down the line.

So if you are looking to get an automatic door repaired, or indeed automate a manual industrial door into an automatic door, please contact us as we can help

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Our Industrial Door Area

Although our industrial door service covers across the South East of England, the majority of our customers and therefore our core operational area is:


Burgess Hill







A Comprehensive Range of Industrial Doors

Our bespoke industrial doors are available in a wide range of different styles. Each of these styles can deliver a range of advantages to industrial properties in the South East. Depending on the specific requirements of your property, you will be able to equip your building with:

Manual doors are ideal for smaller access points. They are commonly used in industrial lifts, in corridors and commercial floors where access needs to be controlled. They can be opened with little effort when unlocked. However, when these solutions are locked, they will deliver a high level of security. They are naturally resistant to all kinds of impact and damage, including forced intrusion.

In addition to these industrial door solutions, we can provide a complete range of other shutter and door designs. We can deliver a variety of industrial access points to suit your facility, including:

  • High-Speed Shutters.
  • Sliding/Folding Shutters and Doors.
  • Steel-Hinged Doors.
  • Grille Shutters.
  • Fire Rated Doors.
  • Any office or commercial premises manual doors.

Servicing and Maintenance

If you do already have automatic doors you may be looking for a company to attend to maintain them. With many years experience and a healthy stock of spare parts, we are that company to trust to keep them serviced and therefore reduce the chance of them failing.

To get your automatic doors serviced or maintained, please get in contact with us and we would be delighted to help.

We may not have installed your doors, but we are the automatic door company that can service and maintain them.

We are often contacted when an automatic door is faulty. After we have attended and repaired it, clients are so impressed that we are asked to service and maintain the door (or doors) thereafter.

We believe that customer service is most important and we strive to make ours exceptional. We pride ourselves on our professional knowledge and workmanship with all of our automatic door installations, servicing and maintenance.

ACE FM Automatic Door Repair and Service team vans

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your  industrial doors, whether you need a repair, replacement or brand new door install, and see how ACE Facilities can help you

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