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Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile

The Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile from TiSO is the smaller foot print version of this effective access control pedestrian barrier system. The ultra modern contemporary design gives it a cutting edge look to match its performance. Furthermore it is easy to operate and allows for high traffic flow throughput.

TiSO Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile Overview

Exceptional access control automation from ACE Facilities

We are highly experienced suppliers and installers of turnstiles. The Onyx-S tripod  turnstile is the latest in a line of successful TiSO pedestrian control barriers. A compact foot print and modern sleek lines, will make it a popular choice for different venue applications.

A wired remote control is standard with the Onyx-S, however optional wireless remote control is available, as is a choice of any RFID / Proximity readers beneath the glass top so that it can be integrated to virtually any access control application or system.

DDA compliance for wheelchair access can be achieved if the turnstile is complimented with a pass gate alongside.

The TiSO Onyx-S Turnstile is a small foot print rotary turnstile

Two RFID readers are integrated under the top glass with LED backlighting


Two bright dynamic LED front status display indicators


Two bright dynamic LED side status display indicators


Large passage width

Introduction to Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile

Security Made Easier

Ergonomic design with stylish body lines is the defining feature of the Onyx range of turnstiles. The inclined scratch resistant glass top gives this turnstile a futuristic look making it a stylish architectural element to compliment any modern interior.

The Onyx-S turnstiles are equipped with an automatic bi-directional servo-drive mechanism with a robust locking system and are able to operate reliably and efficiently in high traffic flow locations.

As standard, this model has a robust hub with stainless steel pods and a fully automatic anti-panic system, where in the case of an emergency, the arms are automatically lowered and users can freely pass through unhindered.

The cabinet tops are made of a scratch-resistant black glass, which allows simple maintenance and long lasting aesthetics.

The sleek LED’s follow the lines of the turnstile’s body, and can be both static and dynamic in operation. Additionally the pulsing display indicates the direction of travel through the turnstile.

Two RFID readers are integrated under the top glass reader panels, with LED lighting which provides a clear indication for users to present their access control cards.

The combination of all of these LED features clearly determines the status of the passage (Green – Access authorised, Red- Access denied and Blue – Standby mode).

Onyx-S Turnstile with LED indicators that have. been animated to demonstrate

Features of the Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile

Let’s make life safer

  • Bi-directional servo-driven tripod turnstile with panic / bar drop function
  • Ergonomically designed with stylish lines
  • Successfully balanced of an affordable price and high quality
  • Integration with any type of access control and ID systems
  • Low power consumption
  • Whisper quiet, low noise operation
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Availability of a back-up battery connection

As standard

  • Sleek LED status indicators, two either direction
  • Wired remote control
  • Supply of backup battery power connection (battery optional)
  • Anti-panic function with automatic reset


  • Any additional devices upon request (e.g. passage counter, RFID/Proximity/BioMetric readers, coin acceptor, push button, barcode and QR-code reader)
  • Wireless remote control
  • Jumping over the arm alarm / top lid alarm
  • Passage simulation alarm
  • Crawling under the arm alarm
  • OEM / Logo application
  • Ramped base mobile platform

The Onyx tripod turnstile can be integrated with any type of access control system.

The entire TiSO speed gate and turnstile model range are configurable to be controlled in either, an automatic, or manual mode.

  • In the automatic mode, the rotor arm is opened/closed determined by the signal from an access control system such as a proximity ID card, key fob, biometric reader, facial recognition, body temperature detection control etc
  • In the manual mode, the rotor arm is opened/closed according to the manual command given from a control panel often positioned at a reception desk or a remote position perhaps from being CCTV monitored.

Downloads and Specifications

ACE Facilities Ltd are experienced expert installers partners of the TiSO brand of turnstiles and speed gate products.

The Onyx is part of the TiSO family of turnstile products and you can learn more about the range on this website.

Furthermore, you can download the TiSO catalogue.


ModelOnyx-M Rotary Tripod Turnstile
Crossing capacity in single access mode25 person/min
Crossing capacity in free access mode, person/min60
Passage width, mm600
MechanismServo driven
Blocking mechanismTwo electromechanical stop catches (separate locking system)
Emergency mode (when power goes off)Arm drops when power goes off
Drop arm functionDrop arm function can be activated when power is on. Drop arm function activates automatically when power goes off
Fail safeYes (drop arm)
Standard housingBrushed SS AISI 304 (Indoor IP41)
Available housing

Brushed SS AISI 316 – Polished SS AISI 304 – Polished SS AISI 316 – Powder coated RAL
Tripod hubCast aluminium with stainless steel arms
VoltageFrom the AC (100-240) V, 50/60Hz – from a DC source 12 V
Maximum power consumption55 Watts
Enclosure ratingIP41
Unit dimensions (HxLxW), mm1075 x 790 x 825
MCBF, cycles1 500 000

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