Automatic Sliding Doors

Repair, Replace, Installation and Maintenance.

Automatic Sliding Doors

We are independent automatic door repair specialists, resellers and approved installers for a range of sliding doors, operators and manufacturers.

If you need your automatic sliding doors repaired efficiently and cost effectively, or you are looking to have doors automated, servicing or replacement, please phone us on the number above or if you prefer email us, use our contact form

STA20 Automatic Sliding Door in a hotel lobby
TSA 20 telescopic sliding doors in retail environment
STA22 Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Doors installed at a bank in London by ACE
Frameless automatic sliding doors

Automatic Sliding Doors from ACE

ACE Facilities have for many years been installation and maintenance providers of people flow automation solutions, including automatic sliding doors.

Automatic sliding door operators installed by ACE are designed for both external and internal applications such as retail shop fronts, hospitals, offices, healthcare, hotels and leisure facilities. So when they are combined with innovative control systems and  clever technology, this all ensures the basis for a safe, reliable yet convenient sliding door access.

As an independent supplier, ACE offers a choice of differing manufacturer and models of automatic sliding doors. This allows us to offer configurations and functionality so that the access can be matched and optimised for pedestrian traffic flows. 

The use of automatic sliding doors helps to maintain the ambient temperature within a building. This is because they automatically close when activity is not detected and the threshold is clear.

In addition with a smooth and reliable gliding action, they offer elegance and sophistication to a building.

We can install an automatic sliding door as just a single sliding leaf door in place of traditional swing door, or a wider solutions such as a double sliding door that opens to each side as a person approaches. 

Furthermore bi-parting or telescopic configurations are also available and these configurations can accommodate much wider door widths. We generally install and maintain these wider models at larger premises such as supermarkets and travel hubs.

In all cases, the automatic sliding door mechanism is controlled by threshold safety technology thus ensuring that the door complies with all UK safety standards.

All automatic sliding doors have an emergency opening feature in the event of a fire or power failure. Additional options allow for this to be on a battery backup, in other cases it might be a manual operation, but safety is built in whichever auto sliding door we install for you.

Automatic Door Repairs and Maintenance

In addition, we provide full maintenance and servicing of all automatic sliding doors, including bi-parting and telescopic configurations. All of our repairs and maintenance of automatic doors is in full compliance with BS7036 and we are members of ADSA and ADIA, the door industry associations.

Whilst on this subject, you might find it useful to know that under BS7036 ‘Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use’ clearly places the responsibility of automatic doors with the building owner/manager to ensure their safe use. 

Contact us today to get expert advice or request a free survey and quotation for your automatic sliding door requirements.

And we do more….

From many different door automations to speed gates and turnstiles, we are specialists in identifying, supplying and installing the access control to help and control people flow in buildings and facilities.

Speed Gates and Speed Lanes are a highly efficient and secure method of access control. They are easy to operate and integrate into a building’s overall security plan and they help to ensure smooth and safe people flow.

We have solutions that are designed to fit any building or facility scenario whether it is for security, safety, both or for other reasons, we will have the people flow solution.

Please take a look around our website to see what else we may be able to help you with.

Sliding door repairs

Have your automatic sliding doors stopped working, noisy, slow, opening erratically or have been damaged?

Whatever the fault is, call ACE Facilities on 0333 772 2223 or email us using the contact form and we will respond to your emergency within hours. 

Your automatic sliding door problem will be attended to by a trained engineer in a fully-equipped van which has many spares and parts critical to repairing your doors. 

Our engineers are backed up and supported by an extensive stock of replacement parts and complete sliding door operators from our Brighton base.

We have the skills, ability and parts to repair a wide range of issues from common faults to the more obscure problems.

We have automatic door engineers working all across the South East of England in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Essex and London, so you can be sure to get your door repaired quickly and efficiently by ACE.