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Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile with a compact foot print

Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile

ONYX Pedestrian Turnstile with LED Lighting

Onyx-M Tripod Turnstile

Galaxy turnstiles proving an effective pedestrian access control barrier

Galaxy-M Turnstile

Twix-M turnstiles provide an effective pedestrian access control barrier

Twix-M Turnstile Gates

Twin Full Height Turnstiles transparent

Twin Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile Sesame Standard models

Sesame Full Height Turnstiles

Bastion-M turnstiles provide effective pedestrian access control in a tripod type barrier

Bastion-M Turnstile

Centurion M Twin (black other RAL available upon request)

Centurion-M Twin Rotary Turnstile

Centurion-M Tripod Turnstile