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Speed Gates for New City College

Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile with a compact foot print

Onyx-S Tripod Turnstile

ONYX Pedestrian Turnstile with LED Lighting

Onyx-M Tripod Turnstile

Swing Gate TTS Featured Image

Swing Gate Telescopic TTS

Gate TS 900mm wide Access Control Swing Gate

Swing Gate TS

The Bicyclone full height turnstiles allow dismounted cyclists and their cycles to pass through a security gate.

Bicyclone Full Height Turnstile

Galaxy turnstiles proving an effective pedestrian access control barrier

Galaxy-M Turnstile

Twix-M turnstiles provide an effective pedestrian access control barrier

Twix-M Turnstile Gates

Twin Full Height Turnstiles transparent

Twin Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile Sesame Standard models

Sesame Full Height Turnstiles